Welcome to Email-Tag.com. You can use this site in addition to a spam blocker and anti virus program to protect your email account, protect your computer, and hide your email address.


Protect your email address from spammers

Publishing your email address on a website, posting it on a forum - or any public area - leaves your email account open to be flooded with spam.


Using a spam blocker or spam filter will help, but the ultimate defense to protect your yahoo mail account (for example) is to make sure the spammers never get the details of your email account. Use the Email-Tag.com form below to generate an image to hide your email address.


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Automated email harvesters read text and can recognise email address formats so that those email addresses can be added to their spam database.


Since these email harvesters cannot read images, you can defeat the spammers by using an image instead of text for your email address!


Many a virus can make its way to your computer through spam email. Using a spam blocker or spam filter in conjunction with anti virus software will help protect your computer.


Spam Statistics

Postini.com, an industry leader in email security and management, announced in May 2005 that the number of virus-infected email messages had increased by 381% compared to the previous month.


Postini also reported in March 2005 that 88% of global email traffic is spam. Only 12% of all email is legitimate!


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